PID asks FBR for budget-friendly access to confiscated vehicles

Press Information Department (PID)

ISLAMABAD: In a recent development, the Press Information Department (PID) has formally requested the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to consider the allocation of a minimum of 10 altered, modified, and restructured confiscated vehicles at nominal prices, The News reported.

The PID contends that these vehicles are essential for their official responsibilities. Similar allocations of modified vehicles have been made by the FBR to various public sector entities and certain influential figures, including former FBR leaders, although concerns have been raised about the transparency of such distributions.

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According to the official solicitation received by the FBR’s Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation Customs Wing, the PID, being the primary projection and publicity arm of the federal government, serves the publicity needs of various government officials and keeps them abreast of public reactions as expressed in the press.

The PID, responsible for media relations, facilitation, and support, as well as the protocol of very important persons (VVIPs), insists that its functions, including the organisation of press conferences and dissemination of government policies, require adequate logistics and technical infrastructure.

In their request, the PID highlighted its role in arranging press conferences and interviews for top-level officials on national issues and ensuring appropriate publicity for significant events. The department also monitors the country’s security situation and international challenges, providing transportation for senior media personnel to ensure timely coverage of events.

Emphasising the urgency of the matter, the PID communicated its need for a minimum of 10 vehicles for official duties. Stringent austerity measures imposed by the federal government, restricting the acquisition of new vehicles for the secretariat, prompted the appeal.

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It has come to light that altered and confiscated vehicles are available with the Directorate General of I&I-Customs, Islamabad, for disposal under Section 182 of the Customs Act, 1969.

The PID’s formal request urges the Directorate General/FBR to allocate at least 10 vehicles to facilitate the department in fulfilling its official responsibilities. The plea specifically requests access to these vehicles at a nominal token price, determined by the Directorate General of I&I-Customs, Islamabad.

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