Peshawar residents to block highway in protest against high gas bills

gas bill hike

PESHAWAR: Numerous residents of Peshawar are expressing discontent over the exorbitant natural gas utility bills and have declared their intention to approach the Peshawar High Court (PHC) for redress.

As per reports, the Peshawar residents have resolved to take legal action by approaching the Peshawar High Court and initiating a blockade on the Karakoram Highway, prohibiting all traffic.

This decision comes in response to the revelation made by Assad Ali Shah, the chairman of the Datta village council, regarding the inflated sui gas utility bills.

Accompanied by a group of individuals, which includes representatives from the local government, Shah conveyed their plan to block the Karakoram Highway near Datta within the next few days if the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Company fails to rectify the additional charges incorporated into the bills.

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Assad Shah said that people are already grappling with the country’s unprecedented inflation, making it exceedingly challenging for them to meet the financial demands of these bills.

Residents argue that this month’s gas bills have surged nearly five to six times compared to the same period last year, rendering it financially unfeasible for many.


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