Pakistan’s leading motorcycle brand jacks up bike prices for the sixth time

price hike

Islamabad: The country’s leading motorcycle brand has implemented its sixth price hike this year, resulting in an increase of up to Rs20,000 on its bikes.

The new prices are set to take effect today, August 5. According to the company’s notification, the bike prices will be as follows:

CD70:  Rs157,900

CD70 Dream: Rs168,900

Pridor: Rs208,900

CG125:  Rs234,900

CG125S’s: Rs282,900

CB125F: Rs390,900

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Separately, according to data released on Friday, the weekly inflation experienced a significant year-on-year increase of 29.83 per cent for the week ending on August 3. This surge was attributed to a sharp rise in petroleum and food prices.

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