Pakistan dispatches first consignment of dried chillies to China

Pakistan to China first chillies export

WEB DESK: In a groundbreaking collaboration between Pakistan and China within the agricultural sector, the first shipment of dried chillies has been successfully dispatched to China, marking a significant milestone in bilateral trade relations.

This development was announced today by Dr Gohar Ejaz, the Minister of Commerce and Industries, in a press release.

The achievement, facilitated by the commendable efforts of Litong Food Co. Ltd., signifies the commencement of a new chapter in the trading ties between Pakistan and China.

Minister Dr Gohar Ejaz extended warm congratulations to Litong Food Co. Ltd. for this remarkable accomplishment and expressed sincere gratitude for the steadfast support of the Chinese government in establishing a substantial market for Pakistani goods within China.

Minister Ejaz underscored the potential for Pakistan’s exports to China to surpass $20 billion in the coming years.

However, realising this ambitious target requires collaborative efforts from Pakistani agricultural exporters.

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The Minister urged exporters to uphold stringent quality standards, enhance productivity, and implement effective marketing strategies to meet the expectations of the discerning Chinese market.

Recognising the pivotal role of Chinese companies in this process, Minister Dr Gohar Ejaz expressed optimism about the possibilities of future collaboration.

He was of the view that if Pakistani companies can meet the standards set by the Chinese authorities, exports can soar.

Leveraging the benefits of the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement, Pakistan enjoys a competitive edge with zero tariffs, positioning it uniquely in the region.

According to Mettis Global, the Minister highlighted the immense growth potential in the Chinese market, particularly in the agricultural sector, and advocated for the adoption of innovative technologies such as hybrid seeds and openness to corporate farming.

In his concluding remarks, the Minister highlighted that the enduring Pak-China relationship has stood the test of time, and the successful export of dried chillies sets the stage for Pakistani agricultural goods to explore new markets in China.

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