Pakistan Customs foils multi-million rupee phone smuggling attempt

Pakistan seize mobile phone worth millions

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has successfully foiled a daring attempt to smuggle mobile phones worth millions at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

The vigilant customs officials stationed at the international arrival gate meticulously inspected passengers arriving from foreign countries.

During their thorough surveillance, they carefully examined the luggage of three travellers and discovered a concealed cache of 51 mobile phones valued at Rs27.6 million.

These passengers, who had arrived in Karachi through a connecting flight from Dubai, had cleverly hidden the mobile phones within their clothing, discreetly nestled inside their suitcases.

However, the customs officials promptly apprehended the trio after filing a case against them, as they failed to provide the necessary tax details to the customs personnel.

This successful intervention paralleled another recent incident at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, where vigilant customs officers thwarted an attempt to smuggle luxurious shawls.

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During the meticulous inspection process, customs officers uncovered 240 expensive shawls in the possession of a woman who had arrived on a private airline flight from Dubai, PA-417.

According to ARY News, Deputy Collector of Customs, Saqib Warraich, disclosed that these shawls, crafted from high-end and fancy materials, were valued at up to Rs1 million.

Although the woman was caught red-handed at Lahore airport, she was allowed to leave after initial questioning.

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