NEPRA reserves verdict on K-Electric’s license renewal


KARACHI: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has concluded the hearing concerning the renewal of K-Electric’s (KE) license.

KE is taking significant steps to make electricity more affordable for consumers. In a groundbreaking move, the company has initiated projects aimed at generating electricity from renewable sources such as hydropower, solar, and wind. Officials believe that this transition to cleaner energy alternatives will substantially reduce the overall cost of electricity for consumers.

K Electric has applied for a non-exclusive license to operate, seeking approval from the authorities. The decision regarding the issuance of licenses to new companies will be made by the NEPRA authority, which oversees electricity regulations in the country.

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The emphasis on renewable energy comes as a strategic move to diversify the energy mix and decrease dependency on conventional sources. The adoption of cleaner technologies aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

In a reassuring statement, electric authorities highlighted that there were no reported accidental deaths due to electric infrastructure during the 2022-23 period. This achievement reflects a commendable focus on safety measures and effective maintenance of electrical systems.

Moreover, efforts to raise public awareness about accident prevention in homes have been a priority for electric authorities. Comprehensive briefings on electrical safety have been provided to ensure households are well-informed and equipped to prevent accidents related to electrical systems.

Following the completion of the hearing, the NEPRA authority has reserved its decision on the renewal of KE’s distribution license.

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