Temporary pause declared for electricity generation at key power plant

Neelum Jhelum power plant Pakistan

WEB DESK: The Neelum Jhelum hydroelectric power station is set to halt electricity generation starting January 10, 2024, as part of its routine maintenance during the current low-flow season.

This scheduled downtime allows for a thorough inspection of its 3.5-kilometre-long tailrace tunnel, taking advantage of the reduced water flows in the rivers, which are considered optimal for such evaluations.

This practice is not unique to Neelum Jhelum, as various hydel power stations undergo inspections during the low-flow season to ensure operational efficiency and address any potential issues.

Initiated in April 2018, the Neelum Jhelum project is a run-of-the-river hydropower endeavor.

The key feature involves diverting the Neelum River through an intricate system of tunnels, ultimately channelling it into the Jhelum River.

Remarkably, 90 per cent of the project is concealed beneath challenging mountainous terrain, emphasising its complex construction.

The comprehensive infrastructure includes a dam, a 51.7-kilometre-long underground waterway system comprising a 48.2-kilometre headrace tunnel and a 3.5-kilometre tailrace tunnel, an underground power house, and a switch yard.

With a robust installed generation capacity of 969 MW, the project boasts four generating units, each producing 242.25 MW.

The upcoming temporary cessation of electricity generation at Neelum Jhelum is to ensure the facility’s sustained performance and reliability in the challenging terrain it operates within.

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