MG HS Essence price reduced by Rs600,000 in Pakistan

MG HS Essence price in Pakistan

WEB DESK: In a move echoing Kia Lucky Motors, MG Pakistan has exciting news for crossover SUV fans and potential car buyers. The company has announced a significant decrease in the price of MG HS Essence.

According to details, the price of MG HS Essence has been reduced by a substantial Rs600,000. This decision has brought down the SUV’s price from the previous rate of Rs8,699,000 to the new price of Rs8,099,000.

Although the price remains above Rs8 million, making the reduction less dramatic, those with the financial means and potential buyers can now indulge in the luxurious features and cutting-edge technology that the MG HS Essence offers at a more budget-friendly price point.

This news of the MG Essence price cut comes at a time when the Pakistani rupee had been steadily appreciating against the US dollar, maintaining its gain for 28 consecutive days until Monday, October 16, when it ended its winning streak against the US dollar on Tuesday.

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Additionally, there was a reduction in the price of petrol in Pakistan on Sunday night, dropping by Rs.40 to Rs283 per litre, providing some relief to the inflation-hit populace.

It remains uncertain if other car manufacturers in Pakistan will follow suit and reduce the prices of their vehicles. The market and car buyers await further developments in this regard.

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