LESCO holds meeting to address overbilling issues

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WEB DESK: In a pivotal gathering at Lesco Headquarters, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) CEO Engineer Shahid Haider orchestrated a comprehensive strategy to tackle overbilling concerns. The meeting, attended by top functional heads, aimed to address the persistent issue.

CEO Shahid Haider directed stringent measures against officers and employees responsible for overbilling discrepancies. While commending the material management department’s performance, he stressed the need for continuous improvement. The director (HR) received instructions to streamline the promotion process for timely advancements.

The maintenance department was urged to implement necessary steps to alleviate customer inconveniences. Safety took centre stage as the CEO instructed the Director (Safety) to enhance awareness and prevent fatal accidents. Shahid Haider reaffirmed Lesco’s commitment to efficient service and customer satisfaction.

In essence, the meeting focused on prompt resolution of overbilling, internal process enhancement, and prioritising employee safety, showcasing Lesco’s dedication to delivering reliable service.

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