LESCO recovers over Rs8 million from defaulters

power theft drive in Pakistan

LAHORE: Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), in collaboration with Tehsildars (Recovery), successfully retrieved over Rs8 million from 446 defaulters across its five districts – Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Okara, marking the 147th day of its ongoing campaign.

A spokesperson for LESCO disclosed on Sunday that Chief Engineer O&M (T&G), supported by Tehsildar City and Tehsildar, achieved the recovery of outstanding dues.

Specifically, Rs1.04 million was recovered from 51 defaulters in the Northern Circle, and Rs2.43 million from 51 defaulters in the Eastdobara ern Circle on the 147th day.

Similarly, LESCO’s Manager (Material Disposal) Engineer, in collaboration with Tehsildar Model Town and Tehsildar Cantt, successfully retrieved Rs2.19 million from 63 defaulters in the Central Circle and Rs0.72 million from 27 defaulters in the South Circle.

Additionally, Manager (Technical) Engineer, with assistance from Tehsildar Nankana Sahib and Tehsildar Sheikhupura, recovered Rs0.48 million from 44 defaulters in the Nankana Circle and Rs1.06 million from 62 defaulters in the Sheikhupura Circle.

Furthermore, Lesco’s Manager E&S (PMU) Engineer, working with Naib Tehsildar Kasur and Okara, secured outstanding dues of Rs0.58 million from 92 defaulters in the Okara Circle and Rs0.95 million from 70 defaulters in the Kasur Circle.

Throughout the recovery campaign, Lesco, aided by Tehsildars (Recovery), has successfully recovered more than Rs2.30 billion from 78,261 defaulters across all its operational circles.

The spokesperson detailed the recovery statistics, indicating that Lesco retrieved outstanding dues of Rs326.27 million from 11,062 defaulters in the Northern Circle, Rs551.59 million from 10,189 defaulters in the Eastern Circle, Rs311.28 million from 8,902 defaulters in the Central Circle, Rs127.46 million from 4,560 defaulters in the South Circle, Rs202.12 million from 7,015 defaulters in the Nankana Circle, Rs351.80 million from 9,714 defaulters in the Sheikhupura Circle, Rs138.64 million from 12,348 defaulters in the Okara Circle, and Rs312.83 million from 14,471 defaulters in the Kasur Circle.

Initiated on September 13, the recovery campaign saw the Lahore Division’s Commissioner assigning additional responsibilities of Tehsildar Recovery (from LESCO defaulters) to relevant Tehsildars. Additionally, LESCO’s Chief Executive Officer Engineer designated four senior officers to support the efforts in recovering dues from defaulters.

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