LDA demolishes boundary walls, offices, and roads of illegal housing schemes

illegal housing schemes in Lahore

WEB DESK: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) conducted major operations against illegal housing schemes in the city on Wednesday.

In the initial operation, the LDA team took decisive action against seven illegal land subdivisions and residential societies, resulting in the demolition of sewerage systems, boundary walls, offices, and roads associated with these schemes.

The team also took measures to seal the extension office of an illegal housing scheme in Lahore.

Simultaneously, another operation unfolded as LDA teams, in collaboration with the Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency (TEPA), targeted areas around Main Boulevard, Garden Town, and Barkat Market.

The teams sealed over a dozen properties and dismantled around two dozen encroachments.

Numerous private offices, plazas, private banks, marquees, and restaurants faced closure due to violations of parking rules.

The teams successfully removed encroachments from approximately 25 plazas and parking areas surrounding these establishments.

Encroachments were particularly addressed in the Asia Centre, Ibrahim Centre, Salar Centre, Al Qadir Plaza, and others situated on Boulevard Garden Town.

Notably, offices, cafes, and other encroachments in the basements of commercial plazas, occupying spaces reserved for parking, were also demolished.

In Gulberg, encroachments were cleared from the parking areas of renowned coffee shops, food chains, restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels. Despite receiving prior notices to address the issues, these properties neglected the warnings.

Meanwhile, a crucial meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Commissioner Lahore and DG LDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa to discuss improving traffic flow in the city.

Nespak provided a briefing on the proposed design for Barkat Market Chowk and Garhi Shahu.

TEPA and Nespak officers outlined plans for proposed U-turns at key traffic points, including Garhi Shahu, Karim Block, and Kharak Stop.

Remodelling discussions also extended to other locations, such as Qizilbash Chowk.

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