KP planning and development department appeals for Rs 5 billion


By Manahil Arshad

PESHAWAR: In a bid to propel the development initiatives across various sectors, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Planning and Development (P&D) Department has formally requested a substantial allocation of funds from the Finance Department.

The appeal, submitted through a formal letter, seeks a total of five billion rupees to bolster key departments and strategic projects.

Breaking down the requested funds, the health department tops the list with a request for Rs 900 million, emphasising the critical need for resources in the healthcare sector. Additionally, a significant sum of Rs 600 million has been sought for road construction, aiming to enhance and expand the region’s infrastructure.

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The multi-sectoral development initiative is slated to receive Rs 500 million, highlighting a commitment to holistic progress. The water sector is not overlooked, with an allocation of Rs 500 million to address pressing water-related challenges. Furthermore, the primary, secondary, and higher secondary education department is earmarked to receive Rs 350 million, aiming to elevate the standards of education in the province.

The comprehensive funding proposal also includes Rs 250 million for water and sewage projects, showcasing a concerted effort to address essential civic amenities. A recommended release of Rs 50 million has been sought for the sports sector, to boost sporting activities and infrastructure.

Various vital sectors such as agriculture, tourism, forests, and local governments have a combined request of Rs 100 million, reflecting a commitment to fostering sustainable growth. Industries are set to benefit from a Rs 60 million allocation, while relief and rehabilitation efforts are earmarked for Rs 45 million.

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The Urban Policy Unit, Law and Justice, along with the Board of Revenue, collectively form part of the allocation, with a request for Rs 40 million.

The treasury has been urged to expedite the release of these funds to ensure the seamless implementation of planned projects and initiatives across KP. The appeal underscores the province’s commitment to comprehensive development and improved public services.

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