Karachi Electric customers can now apply for new connections online

Karachi Electric new connections procedure

KARACHI: In a strategic move to embrace the digital era, Karachi Electric (KE) unveiled its ‘fully digitised’ new connection process on Tuesday.

According to details, this revolutionary system promises enhanced convenience, transparency, and a customer-centric approach, marking a significant shift in the energy provider’s operations.

Gone are the days of lengthy manual procedures, as KE’s new digitised system seamlessly integrates end-to-end with SAP.

This transformative technology introduced in the new platform allows a diverse range of applicants, including those seeking residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural connections, to effortlessly apply online and monitor the progress of their applications in real-time.

Karachi Electric consumers can now stay updated on their cases through SMS and email notifications, providing them with timely information.

Additionally, the online system facilitates digital payments through approved banking channels, with users having easy access to challans for their records.

To further assist customers, dedicated personnel will be on hand to support those requesting high-load connections exceeding 80 kW.

This personalised approach exemplifies KE’s commitment to customer satisfaction and streamlines the crucial first step in energising a premises.

The power company aims to witness a remarkable 30 per cent increase in its customer base by 2030, reaching an impressive 5 million users.

Imran Rana, spokesperson for KE, emphasised the significance of adapting to the evolving virtual landscape, stating that customers now demand ease, clarity, and transparency.

The newly launched KE New Connection website stands as a testament to addressing these needs. By reducing barriers to access and expanding their digital services portfolio, KE strives to empower future electricity users.

The spokesperson highlighted KE’s previous digital interventions, such as the KE Live App and the popular KE WhatsApp service, showcasing the company’s dedication to innovation.

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