Islamabad school to teach syllabus developed by State Bank of Pakistan

Islamabad School to teach students syllabus made by State bank of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In the federal capital, the Islamabad Model School, situated in Sector F-6/3, is poised to introduce a distinctive syllabus developed by the State Bank of Pakistan to enrich financial education.

This innovative programme will present financial concepts to students in a distinctive manner.

Situated in Islamabad, the school aims to empower students with crucial life skills by integrating financial education into the curriculum, fostering a deeper understanding of economic principles from an early age.

Notably, the school has introduced a robotics, math, and arts studio without relying on any government funds.

This development is noteworthy as it signifies that students will now have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of finance during their school years.

This initiative is particularly beneficial for those aspiring to pursue finance and business studies at the university level and for those interested in entering the banking sector or other finance-related professions.

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