Stuffed Apple iPad fraud in Pakistan: shopkeeper exposes new tablets scam

iPad scam in Pakistan

WEB DESK: In a startling revelation, a Pakistani mobile and accessories shop owner has uncovered a deceptive scam involving Apple iPad devices.

The shopkeeper, upon purchasing an Apple iPad, noticed a strange issue: the device remained stuck on the Apple logo when connected for charging. Suspecting a minor glitch, he decided to investigate further by opening the device.

Upon disassembling the iPad, the shopkeeper discovered a shocking truth: there was neither a strip attached nor an LCD display inside.

Instead, the interior revealed a faint light and an Apple sticker affixed to a small LED, which illuminated when powered. Initially mistaken for a loading issue, it turned out to be a cleverly crafted deception using the sticker logo.

Expressing his astonishment, the local shopkeeper emphasised the meticulous placement of the sticker, making it capable of deceiving anyone.

This unscrupulous scheme poses a particular threat to shopkeepers who procure stock in wholesale quantities, falling prey to this bizarre and extensive scam.

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Furthermore, the exposed counterfeit iPad showcased in the video shared by the shopkeeper lacked any original Apple components.

Instead, it was filled with miscellaneous materials to add weight, creating the illusion of an authentic iPad Pro. The body and screen, although appearing genuine, were mere replicas in this elaborate ruse.

As an increasing number of Pakistanis are now purchasing Apple iPads, paying hefty prices for models like the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro for watching videos and playing games like PUBG.

Individuals should exercise caution when buying items online, especially expensive gadgets like Apple iPhones, iPads, and Samsung flagship phones.

It is crucial to choose a reliable source or shop and thoroughly inspect the product to avoid falling victim to scams.

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