SNGPL ensures optimal gas pressure for Peshawar residents

Gas price hike

PESHAWAR: Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) in the Peshawar region asserts that it is delivering gas to consumers at optimal pressure levels.

The commitment of SNGPL extends to ensuring sufficient gas supplies, with a focus on prioritising domestic consumers, particularly during peak cooking hours.

Despite these efforts, some areas within are experiencing low pressure, attributed to the seasonal impact of increased demand versus supply during the winter season, as stated by the General Manager of SNGPL.

According to The News, to address the challenges faced by consumers during the current winter season, SNGPL Peshawar has set up special situation rooms.

These rooms will be staffed by senior-level officers to promptly resolve issues related to low gas pressure.

In addition to these measures, SNGPL has replaced 223 kilometres of the old network during the financial year 2022–23 to mitigate low-pressure concerns.

Furthermore, ongoing initiatives in the current financial year include several mega projects aimed at ensuring a seamless gas supply to consumers, particularly during cooking hours.

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These projects encompass the installation of a 10″ diameter x 20.8 km transmission line from Charsadda to Peshawar, the laying of a 16″ diameter x 11.2 km operational phase line in Kohat, and the installation of a 6″ diameter x 10.5 km operational phase line in Charsadda.

Additionally, ongoing work on operational phases is underway to enhance the network in the walled city of Peshawar.

Upon completion of these significant projects, the gas availability in Peshawar, Charsadda, Sardheri, and Kohat cities is expected to improve, according to the SNGPL General Manager.

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