Flour prices drop after successful negotiations with mills

20 kg bag flour price

KARACHI: The price of flour in Karachi has decreased following successful negotiations between the Commissioner and flour mills.

It has been agreed to sell flour to the public at the official rate from both wholesale and retail markets as well as mills.

Fruitful discussions were held with the Flour Mills Association during a meeting chaired by the Commissioner of Karachi.

Subsequently, it was decided to implement the official price for flour.

According to Express News, during the meeting, it was determined that after an 11-rupee reduction, the wholesale price of fine flour stands at Rs130, with the retail price set at Rs134 per kilogramme.

Additionally, the price of two and a half cups of flour was reduced by Rs8, establishing the wholesale price at Rs120 and the retail price at Rs127 per kilogramme.

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This week, the price of wheat dropped by Rs5 per kilogramme to Rs105, while imported wheat saw a decrease of Rs3 per kilogramme, now priced at Rs97 per kilogramme.

Following these reductions in wheat and flour prices, the costs of bread, double bread, and bakery products are also expected to decrease.

To discuss these changes, Commissioner Karachi has summoned bakery owners and bakers for a meeting scheduled for Saturday.

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