Last warning: FBR ready to cut non-filers’ power, gas, and mobile connections

FBR issues latest notification to warn non- filers before disconnecting electricity, gas and mobile connections

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is poised to take a stern stance against non-filers as it issues final notices for the blocking of mobile SIM cards and the disconnection of electricity and gas connections.

The deadline for compliance lapsed more than ten days ago, and individuals failing to respond to initial notices by December 28, 2023, are now facing the imminent risk of disconnections.

The government had initially served notices across the country, providing a one-month grace period for individuals to file their returns or face severe consequences.

The FBR’s notices under Section 114B explicitly warned non-filers that non-compliance would result in the disconnection of electricity, gas, and mobile connections.

“You were issued notice under Section 114B to file a return; non-compliance results in the disconnection of electricity, gas, and mobile connections. Please file a return immediately,” the notices reiterated.

Sources within the FBR reveal that strict measures are on the horizon for non-filers. In the first phase of enforcement, mobile SIM cards and phones of non-filers will be blocked, with the Income Tax General Order expected to be issued in January 2024.

The FBR has also devised a strategy to disconnect electricity and gas connections for those who remain non-compliant.

Insiders suggest that the blocking of mobile phones is set to occur within this month. While the exact date for the disconnection or blocking of non-filers’ SIM cards is yet to be confirmed, reports indicate that it is expected to take place in January 2024, with a potential target date around January 15, 2024.

However, it is worth noting that the enforcement could occur earlier or later in the month.

The FBR’s proactive measures underscore the government’s commitment to increasing tax compliance and ensuring that individuals fulfil their civic duty by filing their returns promptly.

Non-filers are urged to take immediate action to avoid the inconvenience of mobile and utility disconnections.

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