Chicken and egg prices increase in Pakistan

Chicken and egg prices increase in Pakistan

LAHORE: In Pakistan, the price of a dozen eggs has sharply risen, exacerbating financial challenges for low-income individuals and families nationwide.

Official data from the Punjab government website reveals that in Lahore, the price of a dozen eggs has surged to Rs329, a significant leap from last year’s Rs240.

Meanwhile, supermarkets in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, and Islamabad are selling packaged one dozen eggs at staggering prices ranging from Rs420 to Rs492.

Online grocery stores in Pakistan are listing plain eggs at prices between Rs400 to Rs490, excluding delivery charges.

Additionally, the price of chicken meat has soared to Rs476 per kg, with live chicken being sold at Rs317 per kg.

The wholesale rate for broiler chicken stands at Rs305 per kg, and farm eggs have climbed to Rs329 per dozen.

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Notably, just yesterday, broiler chicken meat was priced at Rs468 per kg, and live chicken was selling for Rs312 per kg.

In the Pakistani market, the maximum price of live chicken has reached Rs338 per kg, retailing at Rs450, while meat is fetching as much as Rs1,150 per kg.

Chicken remains a staple and popular food item in Pakistan and its prices vary across different regions and markets.

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