Chinese-Pakistani partnership set to launch affordable electric bikes and three-wheelers

Electric bike production

WEB DESK: In a collaboration set to enhance Pakistan’s green mobility landscape, two Chinese companies, in partnership with a Pakistani counterpart, are gearing up to initiate local production of electric bikes and three-wheelers next month.

The announcement was made by Jim Li, the Country Sales Manager at Dongjin Battery Pakistan, during an exclusive interview with Gwadar Pro.

Under this joint venture, Dongjin Battery Pakistan will supply batteries, Benling Group of China will provide technical expertise, and Crown Group of Pakistan will leverage its well-established dealer network.

Together, these three entities aim to establish Pakistan’s foremost electric vehicle brand, thereby bolstering eco-friendly transportation options within the country.

Dongjin Battery Pakistan’s production facility, established in 2020 at Port Qasim, Karachi, is the focal point of this ambitious venture.

Mr Li disclosed that an investment of $4 million has been made, resulting in the creation of 250 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect employment opportunities in Pakistan. The company specialises in the production of various batteries, including UPS batteries, e-bike batteries, and motorcycle batteries.

Notably, Dongjin has introduced innovative techniques, tailoring battery formulas and electrolyte concentrations to suit local climate conditions.

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These innovations have enabled their products to outshine their imported counterparts, emphasising the venture’s commitment to high-quality standards.

Moreover, Mr Li shared plans for future expansions. The company intends to export batteries from Pakistan and establish a factory in Karachi. It is also actively preparing for the establishment of raw material and casing factories within the country.

These strategic moves aim to create a comprehensive lead-acid battery production system, with the raw material factory slated to commence operations in the latter half of the upcoming year.

This development not only reduces production costs but also ensures the availability of top-tier, cost-effective products in the Pakistani market.

The upcoming Karachi Expo is set to witness the grand launch of these electric bikes and three-wheelers, marking a significant step towards sustainable and green transportation solutions in Pakistan.

This joint venture not only showcases the collaborative spirit between China and Pakistan but also reflects a promising future for eco-conscious mobility within the nation.

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