Crackdown launched on profiteers ignoring govt-approved prices

illegal profiteers ignoring govt set prices

KARACHI: Karachi Commissioner Muhammad Salim Rajput has initiated a campaign aimed at illegal profiteers, leading to fines imposed on 234 individuals.

Commissioner Rajput, stressing strict adherence to government-approved prices, has instructed district administration officials to ensure compliance.

The commissioner’s office revealed that a comprehensive crackdown has been initiated against profiteers across all districts of Karachi, leading to the imposition of fines totaling Rs13,90,000.

In District South, 40 profiteers faced penalties amounting to Rs336,500, while in District East, fines of Rs305,000 were levied on 11 individuals.

Malir District witnessed fines of Rs219,000 imposed on 69 profiteers. In District Central, 29 individuals faced penalties of Rs267,000, and 27 profiteers in District West were fined a total of Rs73,000.

District Keamari saw action taken against 28 profiteers, resulting in fines of Rs65,000. Simultaneously, District Korangi witnessed fines of Rs23,500 imposed on 30 individuals.

This concerted effort by Commissioner Muhammad Salim Rajput reflects the government’s commitment to curbing illegal profiteering and ensuring fair pricing practices.

The fines imposed send a strong message that violations will not be tolerated and that individuals engaging in such activities will face consequences.

Local residents have welcomed the campaign, expressing hope that it will contribute to stabilising prices and ensuring a more equitable distribution of goods.

Commissioner Rajput has urged citizens to report any instances of profiteering to the authorities, encouraging active community participation in maintaining a fair market environment.

As the crackdown continues, the Karachi Commissioner remains vigilant in his pursuit of a transparent and accountable marketplace, reinforcing the government’s commitment to protect the interests of consumers and promote economic fairness.

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