Price of 50kg cement bag reaches Rs1,400 in Pakistan

cement prices increase in Pakistan

WEB DESK: The recent market analysis of cement prices across various companies in Pakistan reveals that the minimum rate for a 50 kg bag is Rs1,265, while the maximum price reaches Rs1,400.

Notably, there has been a marginal weekly upturn in the retail prices of cement nationwide.

Data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) underscores this trend.

In the week ending November 30, the average retail price of a cement bag in the northern regions stood at Rs1,271, reflecting a 1.55 per cent increase from the previous week’s figures.

The corresponding average retail price in the northern region for the last week was Rs1,220.

Conversely, in the southern regions, the average retail price for a cement bag was Rs1,187, consistent with the prices observed in the previous week.

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Specifically, during the same period, Islamabad reported an average cement price of Rs1,250 per bag, while Lahore recorded the highest at Rs1,370.

These figures provide a comprehensive overview of the recent developments in Pakistan’s cement market, showcasing regional variations in pricing.

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