Most suitable automatic cars for women to buy in Pakistan

automatic cars to buy in Pakistan

WEB DESK: In Pakistan, female drivers often seek small and compact hatchback cars, preferably with automatic transmission. With a plethora of new and used cars available, making a decision within a limited budget can be challenging.

Factors like budget, needs, and desired features play a crucial role in the decision-making process.

Here are some easy-to-drive cars that Pakistani women can consider buying:

Toyota Passo

For Pakistani women looking for a car that strikes a balance between size and power, the Toyota Passo is an excellent choice.

Its well-designed interior, comfortable seating, and powerful 1000cc engine make it stand out from the locally made 660cc cars and other Japanese vehicles.

Fuel efficiency, manageability, and the trust associated with the Toyota brand make it desirable for working women and small families. Prices for used models range from Rs1.6 million for a 2007 model to Rs4.5 million for a 2020 model.

Daihatsu Mira

The Daihatsu Mira is popular among Pakistani women for its compact size and easy maneuverability. Its economical nature and practicality, coupled with better fuel efficiency compared to the Toyota Passo, make it a top choice.

However, the drawback lies in its less powerful air conditioning system. Prices for used Daihatsu Mira models range from Rs1.8 million for a 2007 model to Rs3.8 million for a 2019 model.

Honda N-One

Known for its appealing design and easy drive, the Honda N-One is favored for its great fuel economy. Despite slightly expensive and less readily available spare parts in the Pakistani market, it remains a popular choice due to its kei size, making it perfect for tight spaces.

Prices for used Honda N-One models range from Rs2.4 million for a 2013 model to Rs4.1 million for a 2021 model.

Suzuki Alto (AGS)

Lastly, the Suzuki Alto’s AGS variant, assembled in Pakistan, offers exceptional fuel economy despite its jerky ride due to its “AGS” transmission. While its appearance might not be the most attractive, its affordability and availability of cheaper spare parts make it a practical option.

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New Suzuki Alto AGS VXR is priced at Rs2.8 million, and the AGS VXL stands at Rs2.93 million. Used Suzuki Alto AGS 2019 models are available for as low as Rs2.4 million, depending on the condition.

Pakistani female drivers have a range of options to choose from, each with its unique features and benefits. Considering individual preferences and budget constraints can help make an informed decision when purchasing a car.

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