Hammad Azhar’s father arrested


LAHORE: Mian Azhar, father of former minister for industries and a prominent figure in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Hammad Azhar, has been arrested in Lahore.

Taking to social media platform X, formerly Twitter, Hammad Azhar announced that that his father had been arrested by the police. He said, “Police officials have taken my father away in a car.

He wrote, “My 82 year old father arrested. He wanted to lead a rally as per his democratic and constitutional right. Pakistan has today been reduced to a total fascist state with zero human rights or rule of law. One Nawaz Sharif & his daughter calling the shots and ruining the country.”

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The tweets sparked immediate reactions, with workers from NA-129, the constituency from where Mian Azhar is contesting, and PTI supporters taking to social media to express their anger and shock at the arrest.

Addressing workers of NA-129 Hammad Azhar wrote, “If ladla has sent police at the central location, the workers should take out rallies from their respective locations”.

The unfolding events in Lahore have captured the public’s attention. As the situation develops, Hum News is trying to get further updates and clarification from the law enforcement agencies.

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