Imran Khan ‘disqualifed’ from Mianwali constituency too

Imran Khan

MIANWALI: The Rawalpindi Election Tribunal, overseeing the electoral affairs of NA 89 Mianwali, has rejected the appeal of the ex-chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The tribunal upheld the decision of the returning officer, declaring the former PTI chairman ineligible to contest elections.

After the Lahore tribunal upholding rejection of Imran Khan’s candidacy from NA-122, now the former premier has also been rendered disqualified from his home constituency. He will not be able to contest General Elections 2024 scheduled for February 8, from this constituency either.

Tribunal upholds rejection of Imran Khan’s candidacy from Lahore

The decision comes after careful consideration of the nomination papers filed by Imran Khan on January 7. His counsel, Barrister Ali Zafar, presented arguments in an attempt to sway the tribunal’s decision, but the appeal was ultimately dismissed.

The returning officer’s initial decision, which led to the ineligibility of the ex-chairman to participate in the upcoming elections, has now been affirmed by the Rawalpindi Election Tribunal. The specifics of the ineligibility were not immediately disclosed.

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